Saturday, May 17, 2008


I am currently reading Lillian Hellman’s Pentimento ("a collection of memories in short story form"-Danielle Meder) and came across this exchange towards the beginning of the book:

"Hammett (Writer Dashiell Hammet), on the second day, told Hannah (Hellman's sister) that all he had ever wanted in the world was a docile woman but, instead had come out with me (Hellman),...and she said that she, too, liked docile women in theory, but never liked them when she met them, and didn't he think they were often ninnies with oatmeal in the head. He said yes, he thought just that, but ninnies were easier women to be unfaithful to. She laughed at that..."

You may or may not agree with the sentiment, but I enjoyed the exchange none the less. Regardless the book itself is excellent as is Hellman's writing. Though a bit dated at times, overall I would say it's definitely a more than worth while read.

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